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My Wife, Yolanda, has stage 4 Colon Cancer. She was the only source of income for the Family Because we have a 31-year-old son named William who has ADEM In; which he cannot walk and has Double vision caused by swelling in the Brain, so I have to take care of him because he is too heavy for my wife to lift. We are just asking if anyone can help with donations for the massive bills that we will be receiving from the Hospital and help with her Cancer care and home care while She Fights this Terrible Disease and that we can keep our home. In 2018 Hurricane Michale Destroyed our Home that we owned outright but now we had no choice to take out a mortgage to get a new home to replace the old home. also, the traveling back and forth we are going to have to do to whatever Cancer places that deals with such Cancer we  know that times are really tough these days for everyone but if you can even spear a Dollar that would be appreciated Yolanda is my world and she deserves a chance that’s all we ask and Praying as I am writing this she been in the Hospital now for 13 days fighting infection and white blood counts from surgery Thank the Lord is all coming down her WBC WAS AT 32000 AND TODAY IT AT 16200 NEEDS TO BE 11000  for from the bottom of our Hearts we thank you and God Bless.


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