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This fund raiser is to help a hard-working father. My friend Justin Warner arrived home a few days ago, finding his twin girls at his house. Typically, they live with their mother. However, Child Protection Services removed the children from the mother’s home and brought them to Justin. Both children had just left the hospital, with multiple bruises and fractures. They are safe now, and the people that did this to them are dealing with the police.  I assure you that the individuals that hurt these children will receive the full extent of the law.

Justin, his family, and friends are all working together for these children to have a happy future; however, Justin’s truck is not safe enough to transport his children. He really needs to get a cheap car. Some type of vehicle that would be safe and comfortable for the children. I assure you that these children are living in a warm, safe, loving home.

Justin is a hardworking man. He works a full-time job and does weekend work that he finds. He always kept up with his child support, when the children lived with their mother. He is a good young man that is never in trouble. He is not asking for a car; he is just hoping to get enough money for a down payment on a proper vehicle to transport his children.

I know Justin personally, as well as, many of the neighbors throughout the community know him. I think each of us would only have praises for this young man


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