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5/16/24 I’m not going down without a fight. I am going into the hospital for a long-term stay so that they can see what’s wrong with my brain. Maybe it’s glioblastoma, maybe I have brain cancer or MS, it’s bad. I’m going to need help. Thank you for reading my story 


Okay, so I am starting this over because the situation has gotten much more serious. I tried to start a new job and I started having such frequent seizures that I couldn’t work. I ended up in the hospital for 4 days where I had more seizures while I was there and they’ve set me up for a long-term hospital stay with a continuous brain scan. During this time I could either receive chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or brain surgery. They’re looking for brain cancer or lesions or a tumor. 

I have now been financially devastated, if you know me you know that my husband had a ruptured aneurysm last year which left him in the hospital for 2 months and after that he came home paralyzed and nonverbal and we declared bankruptcy and spent the last year picking up the pieces and trying not to lose our house. Our bankruptcy is ongoing and I am now unable to work. The hospital bills are piling up and though I have insurance I have an out-of-pocket maximum of $12,000 and a $5,000 deductible plus I’m responsible for 20% of my medical costs. On top of that my insurance expires in June. I have a long-term hospital stay starting on June 17th and that could last two weeks or more depending on what they have to do, if they have to do surgery, and if so I’m going to need to buy into Cobra which is almost $700 a month. That’s $700 a month plus 20% of whatever all of this is going to cost which might be astronomical I can’t even predict how much it’s going to cost but I’m going to guess a lot. If you can help me out I would really appreciate it, I will be tapped out by the end of this. I am not homeowner I own a 13-year-old car with crank windows. I have no assets and this is it for me.


I find myself in the situation because my job let me go and I don’t blame them. I was having a very difficult time performing. There was a post-pandemic return to work 3 days a week at our fancy new location. Well, this fancy new building has all these flashy lights very bright, very in your face and also the sun is out, 360° because the building is square and everything is glass. And there’s no way to get away from this light. Now I know that I probably have epilepsy and it was triggering migraines and epileptic seizures for me. I did not have this information at the time and it seemed like I wasn’t complying; how could my job keep me working on a team when I wasn’t behaving like a team member.

So right now I am stuck. I was in an ambulance twice this week and in the ER four times. I’ve already had 6 scans, and I plan on having another 2 or 3, Plus two more specialist visits, plus one procedure and scheduling a surgery which I will wait until I have insurance to do. I don’t feel that this can wait because I am having frequent seizure activity.

Please help me get to my goal so that I’m able to continue to take care of my husband and our finances, and not go an additional 20 or $30000 into debt when I just started my new job on April first.

Much love, Carly

PS. I will upload bills as they come if everyone is interested. This just happened, my last ER trip was today so I will not have bills for a little while. The only one I have is my first ambulance bill from Saturday and that one is over $2,700

4/11 update: I was able to get some kind of insurance coverage, but it’s not going to cover everything and I have a $5,000 deductible. And I have a coinsurance so I have to pay 10% of whatever the bills end up being. Due to this I brought the total down to $10,000. Hopefully that’ll be enough to cover what I will get billed for in the mail but we’ll see! Thank you to everyone who has taken a look

4/11 PM update: I got the phone call. I have epilepsy. They were able to capture focal seizures on my EEG and apparently that’s the most common form of epilepsy. I have had thousands of seizures in my life time. I’ve been fired from job after job after job. I’ve lost income, gotten let go from calling off from work too many times, I just got let go from a job due to “reorganization” But I knew what that was really. I am asking for $10,000 but I know that this is going to be an incredibly long journey. I was told today that I need to have a 3 day long hospital stay to do some kind of testing, as well as a more specific MRI on the region of my brain that is having the seizures. This is going to be a long road and I have a feeling I am going to lose a lot of income because of it. Give a few can, I know I’m going to be supplementing my income at some point due to this because I’ve never been okay, not for one second in my entire life. And now it could all come crashing down at any time. If I have to quit my job due to this illness, and I have to apply for Social security disability, the average waiting time in my area is 18 months. My husband just went through it. I need to have a fallback, a cushion, I need to make sure that I have a roof over my head and food in my belly.


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