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BO was born in Mexico on October 16, 1962.  He came to this country all alone in 1980. BO married his wife, Stacey in 1989.  At the time  Stacey had a boy and together they had two more boys. Together they continued to raise their family.  Fast forward to today now they have three boys and five grandchildren. BO is a proud hard working family man and has owned his own business for over 23 years working alongside with his wife Stacey.  Thru his persistence and hard work he accomplished opening his own business.  For over 23 years he and his wife ran that business all the while Stacey had to care for her elderly mother with Alzheimers.  They managed to work together and make it happen.  I have known BO for over 20 years. He has always been dependable and honest and I truly respect him.  Recently he has been diagnosed with cancer.  He has been forced to shut down his family business so he and his wife can focus on his treatment and recovery. It is for this reason this campaign is so important.  I believe if we can all come together it will allow BO and his family to focus on what really matters.  “WINNING THE FIGHT!” We may not be able to directly help him fight this battle but through each and every contribution we can show our support to him and his family. This is why I humbly ask all of his friends, family, colleagues and supporters to give what you can.  Please know your donation is tax deductible and all proceeds will go directly to BO and his family to help him continue his medical treatments as well as essential living expenses.


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