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Hello all,

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. This campaign was started to aid in the day to day living expenses that have fallen behind due to mounting medical bills and prescription costs from my father’s reoccurring prostate cancer. He has beaten it a few times now and it continues to pop back up at the worst possible times, for him and my mom. The cost of his (maybe this will work) meds and surgeries to try and stay ahead of this, are slowly wearing them down, and the bills are falling behind. The newest med is almost $2000 and month after insurance, and luckily, he’s been able to get samples to hold him over but those won’t last forever. Their living situation isn’t the best due to the house I grew up in is just falling apart and too many levels for the issues they both deal with. My ultimate goal is to get them in a one level unit for more safety and security. They would never ask for help, they really are the best people that just can’t get ahead. I chose to create this in hopes of a little relief of their worries and stress. My grandfather, his dad, had the same issue with this type of cancer and fought it as long as he could. My dad has given all his kids and grandkids the best life and seeing him and my mom go through this, pains me every day. We help as much as we can but with my own family of four and prices as they are, it just never seems to be enough to keep them above the water line. Thank you and we appreciate any help you can give! Have the best day!


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