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Wife’s Plea for her Husband and Family.


Camilo (Cam) served 7 years in the United States Military. He joined in 1997 and did 4 years in the Marine Corp before he got out to pursue college and get a degree. When 9-11 happened, like so many others, he felt the duty to serve his country again and reenlisted. He served for 3 more years before getting hurt overseas in Afghanistan. Once again as a civilian he worked and continued his education, and then he met me, his wife. I met him in 2011 when I moved to SC, and after dating for a short amount of time I found out my father was very sick, and I needed to move back to California. Without hesitation Cam sold all his belongings and moved across the country to help me take care of him. Of course, I married this amazing & wonderful man a few years later in 2014. We have been married 7 years and have 3 amazing kids (ages 5,3,1). He has provided for our family this whole time, while we were blessed that I could be a stay-at-home mom and take care of our young kids. 


Earlier this month Cam found a lump and went to the doctor. We got the horrific news that he has CANCER! Our world went from happy family with normal everyday stresses to having our world turned upside down in a matter of days. The doctors are getting the last bit of tests done but want to start him on an intense 12-week Chemotherapy Regimen starting around Dec 13th. We wanted to try and get a start date of after Christmas so that he could fully enjoy it with the kids, but the doctors said it would be to much of a risk since he has a faster spreading type of Cancer. The Cancer started localized and he immediately had surgery to have it removed. Unfortunately, the Cancer had already spread to his Pelvic, Stomach, Chest, Lungs, and Back. Doctors have diagnosed him with Stage 4 Mixed Germ Cell Tumors with considerable endovascular invasion. The percentage of recovery does look somewhat promising though. It’s the massive amount of, short and long term, side affects that we could be looking at: Hearing Loss, Vision Issues, other Cancers and Leukemia, along with many others… Not to mention the overwhelming stress and financial burden.


The next 12 weeks of B.E.P. Chemotherapy (Bleomycin, Etoposide, & Platinol) will be difficult, and we are told its some of the hardest Chemotherapy to go through. Having full week sessions lasting 6 to 8 hours a day, and 6 to 12 weeks of recuperation afterwards is going to be extremely difficult for us, our kids (who are too young to understand cancer and only understand daddy is sick), our family and friends. I have found a job, but it will not nearly be enough to support our family, plus I’m afraid I’ll have to limit my hours to take care of Cam.


The financial burden of him not being able to work for 4 to 6 months will be very hard, plus the added medical expenses along with transportation (2-hours each way commute for treatment), and overnight stays for the rough heavy Chemo weeks will hit us very hard. We aren’t sure how we will be able to get through this. Therefore, we are reaching out: We ask for everyone’s help in this time of need. Any amount you can assist with would greatly be appreciated. Also, Prayers and blessings are always welcomed.


He is a loving, caring man, father, husband, son, and friend. He means the world to our family and friends. We thank you in advance & appreciate any support you can give.


We appreciate you for taking the time to read this and caring about Cam and our family. 


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