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My wife and I are starting this campaign in order to assist with mounting expenses in our life due to recent occurrences.  Our youngest son Drayden was injured   while playing a game at school.  He broke his arm/wrist in multiple places.  We have not had insurance since losing proper employment.  Over the last few years we have lost a lot, I know this does not make us special, as so have many others.  The situation with our son has put is into a hole that, well frankly we don\’t see an easy way out of.  We live in an RV, my wife is a waitress, and I am self-employed.  Neither of which provides insurance.  We can not even afford any aftercare since the ER, he may need to have surgery but we wont even know, as without the follow up he will be in a form of medical limbo.  We simply are trying to do the best for our son.  Our bills keep mounting up, we are at risk of losing our car, our RV, without which we will not have even have a pace to live anymore.  We will continue to fight for our son no matter what, any help that we receive helps us to continue our fight.  This allows us at least take one layer of burden off, and allows us to give him the care and the future that he deserves.  We are humbly asking for anyone that can understand our plight, and has the heart and the ability to assist to please do so.  We will be forever thankful for your kindness and generosity.


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