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We need funding for a building to use for Potter’s Hands Inc. We will house dependent,  Husband, wife, children, and their beloved pet. We also need extra funding for wheelchair ramps and other accommodations for disabled and elderly residents. Any and all donations will go to the building fund for The Family Homeless Shelter/ Potter’s Hands. Your donation is much appreciated and so welcomed in any amount that you wish. We will provide love, support and encouragement the families need to thrive and strive toward stabilized independency and adequate housing for their families. We also promise to provide the necessary tools to function in society and obtain the full capability to maintain housing for them and build a better tomorrow for their loved ones.  But we can’t do it without your help. Please help us to get Potter’s Hands up off the ground and support us through your donation and aid in forming of the foundation. Give to the cause and help change Muncie and give families in need a helping hand. Thankyou in advance for your love and support. We at Potter’s Hands are eager to spring into action and help these families in need and our hearts go out to them and I have sadly seen so many recently that I know as citizens of Delaware County, we must do something and help our cities poverty and homelessness rate.   Our favorite Bible Verse is Isaiah 64:8 in the Holy Bible which reads; “O Lord, We are the clay, and you our potter; and all of us are the work of your hand. Let’s join hands right now and be the works and lay down a foundation for a caring life changing family homeless shelter. The next move starts with you.


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