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A fund to help manage Walkers double lung and kidney transplant.

Walkers journey began in March of 2019 only 2 months into his freshman year at FAU where he was on scholarship as a cheer athlete. Having never been sickly, it was strange when he came home from school very, very sick with what we thought was a common cold or flu. We were told to take him for evaluation at a local emergency room in Orlando. One chest x-ray later and they admitted him immediately into their ICU.

Each day in the ICU his condition got worse until 10 days later his lungs stopped functioning all together from the massive pneumonia infection that tried to end his life. Only decisive action by his doctors to fly him by emergency helicopter to the AdventHealth ECMO floor saved his life.  He was immediately put into surgery where they attached an ECMO machine to his main artery in order to constantly circulate all his blood through a machine which gave him life sustaining oxygen.

Walker came home to his family after an incredible 63 days on life support and over 150 days total in the ICU. His time in the ICU left walkers lungs severely damaged and his kidneys non-functioning.  Since July of 2019, his family, especially his mom, has been fighting to help him recover only to come to the stark realization this year that he will now need a double lung and kidney transplant in order to live beyond the next year. After 6 grueling months of test after test, he is coming closer to his dream of life through transplant possibly at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville where he is currently under pre-certification testing.

With your help, he and his family will accomplish his dream to be restored to a body that breath’s normally and lives without daily kidney dialysis. The doctors tell him that life after transplant is a full time job of daily doctors appointments and medications changes and rehabilitation routine. So Team Walker ask that you share this story with your friends and colleagues who want to be part of saving a young life. Walkers transplant fund will be used to help he and his family manage all the medical cost associated with recovery and then maintaining life after extraordinary transplant surgery.

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