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on 10/20/2022, I, Colby Sampson got into an accident that caused my only vehicle to become totaled. God was by my side cause i walked away with get a really sore left side. my shoulder and arm mainly. My 2001 Dodge Dakota with 205k miles which i absolutely loved got completely totaled in the front end. it destroyed my front axle, wheel, fender, pushed the radiator and fans into the engine and so on, The airbags also deployed.   The other party was a Hispanic couple with no insurance. So now i am left on my own to provide a source of income to be able to restart my job and carry on. I no longer have access to a vehicle which is which kept me from being jobless as I delivered for Doordash. I struggle everyday with bipolar depression and anxiety. I have had a rough past which makes it hard for me to get a normal 9-5. I have felony’s on my record from my past immature days. Today i am reaching out for help. Not for an unrealistic amount of money, but just enough to get back to being able to Doordash. Doordash was a Job that fit me perfect. I was able to have a small income and a lot of free time or me to work on my mental health. I have never been able to keep jobs long due to depression outbreaks or manic episodes being bipolar. So please everyone help me reach my goal! Thank you all and God Bless!


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