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My name is Tammy and I’m severely injured by the Moderna vaccine. I have spent over $20,000 in medical testing, medicine and supplements. I was so healthy prior to the vaccine and depended on no one. I’m now disabled and unable to work and have not been able to for the last twq years. I hope I can start back working a little if my body would heal. There are a lot of medical treatments, medicines, supplements that can help me but I don’t have the money. I’ve lived off little retirement I’ve had for the last two years. I have prayed for healing so long. I just did what I thought was right and have been sick for so long. I started this blog when I was well and here is my story.    (Pic was before I got sick)

My symptoms for two years:

1. My mind has been affected. I’d say 50% or more of my brainpower is gone. I know there is brain fog, but mine is worse than just that.

2. Debilitating headaches every single day and all day.  Headache pressure all over my head in the front, side, and back. It feels like my head is going to burst.

3. Stomach pain and constant belching throughout the day. My stomach feels and looks bloated, and it’s painful. There is roaring and rumbling in my stomach that is loud all day. I now have to take medication that doesn’t help a lot.

4. Constant pain in my neck and it pops like it will break off. I can literally hear the bones popping.

5. Pain down the back of my neck and in the top portion of my upper back. It hurts so bad at times that a hot shower is excruciatingly painful.

6. Muscle aches and joint aches throughout the day.

7. Weakness and extreme fatigue. I have to sleep 10  -12 hours to function two hours per day. If I don’t sleep well I can barely move some days and the pain is off the charts.

8.  I’ve been diagnosed with tachycardia and I take medication for it that causes more problems.

9.  My taste has been drastically reduced. I can only taste about 10-25% of the food I eat.

10. Vision is worse.

11. Hearing is more difficult b/c it’s made the tinnitus worse and my head is popping and crackling all the time. I had arthritis before and it’s worsened it 10 times.

12. Communication is very hard for me. I rarely talk like I did before.

13. About 50% of my hair is gone.

Can you imagine trusting the government and getting the shot for better health and being this sick? I can’t tell you the hell I’ve lived through day after day.   I pray you will help what little you can. I have no family.  Thank you, Tammy


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