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This campaign is for my friend Heather, who has a beautiful family of six children.  Two girls, 15 and 14 (who both have jobs to help their family), an 11-year-old boy, a 10-year-old girl, and finally, twins who are six years old.   The family will lose their house on January 2, 2022.  They are reeling from an emotional, mental, and financial, domestic abuse situation.  There are no local shelters with availability at the moment, and soon they will be homeless and forced to live in their car. Heather has a job but does not make much and is having difficulty finding an affordable small apartment that will allow for six children. The kids are currently in a great school, happy, and doing well.  They make good grades and are involved in sports and other activities.  I wish I could post pictures of their beautiful faces.  The goal is to keep them with their mom in their current school and off the street to provide them with some normalcy.

The funds will be used for basic necessities, temporary shelter, and to help with the upfront costs of securing an apartment. Their long-term goal is to move to Tennessee, where they have additional resources to help them.  Please consider helping this beautiful family get into this safe and stable environment and out of homelessness.  This family is so deserving of a safe and stable place to call home.  Any donation will help.  Thank you so much!

Did you know of the 580,466 homeless people in the United States, about two in five are living in unsheltered locations, which includes cars, campgrounds, temporary trailers, or abandoned buildings.

USA Today included this unsettling quote and a new phrase for you — “vehicle residency,” which means living out of your car:

“Vehicle residency is one of the fastest-growing forms of homelessness,” said Sara Rankin, associate professor of law and director of the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project at Seattle University.


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