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I come to you with love and gratitude, humbled and with my pride pushed aside, as I am in desperate need of a tremendous financial blessing.

If you had asked me to describe myself a little over a year ago, I would have said I was a vibrant, energetic, positive, and dedicated career professional, and a loving wife, mother, and grandmother.  I was better known as “Ma” to many, as I was looked to for maternal solace from my children’s friends and those seeking guidance.  Today, I would describe myself as being run-down, suffering from horrific chronic pain, unstable getting around, mentally exhausted, stressed, and depressed.  Allow me to explain.

Tragically last summer, I suffered from a rare spinal stroke that left me hospitalized for a grueling six weeks.  Initially, doctors painted a bleak picture, suggesting I might never walk again.  Through my unwavering faith, resilience, and sheer determination, I was able to defy these odds.  Extensive therapy enabled me to regain mobility, but I continue to grapple with agonizing pain, numbness from my waist down, severe neuropathy, a persistent limp, and loss of balance.

I underwent surgery and had a spinal stimulator implanted, however, that has provided very minimal relief to my symptoms.  My bladder and colon functions have suffered, and my temperature-regulating nerves have been affected, leaving my entire lower body feeling perpetually cold.  The edema I suffer in my legs and feet is most painful as well, and I only have a single pair of shoes I can fit in (and no money to buy more).  Given the numbness and severe neuropathy, I am challenged to sit for more than a few minutes at a time, and yet standing is painful too.  It even pains me to lie down, so I’m forced to constantly rotate between the three.  I often don’t know what to do with myself to find relief, because nothing has helped thus far.  Despite it all, I have generally maintained positivity, optimism, and gratitude, however, I must admit it’s starting to take a toll on my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

I left my job two weeks prior to this incident, with the dream of starting my own crafting business.  Consequently, I had to carry over my Cobra insurance, but given the outrageous amount that was, I could only do so for a few months before it absorbed my entire savings.  While I was broke and unemployed, I was still unable to seek alternative coverage (either because my husband’s “minimal social security benefits” were too much, or because I now had a pre-existing condition).  That certainly was appalling to me, but it was the reality I faced.  Consequently, my medical bills have ballooned to astronomical proportions, and my routine expenses have fallen into arrears as well — leaving me in CRISIS mode once again!  I require additional treatment, care, and medication as well, but cannot be seen any longer in the absence of insurance and money.  It just makes me feel like I should start digging my own grave and get ready for the “Big Old Dirt Bath!”

To add insult to injury, compounding this tragedy, my car (Kia) was stolen and totaled while I was in the hospital.  Not only was I out my 2020 vehicle, but everything of value that was inside (including my garage door opener and car seat for grandchildren).  Who does that?  Anyway, I was required to file a claim on MY insurance, forced to pay a deductible, and told I was basically SOL!  That was great news just days after my stroke when I was already scared to death that I would be paralyzed.

Throughout my life, I’ve been the “rock” my family leaned on, and I’ve always placed others before myself.  That’s just my nature.  Without hesitation, I would give the shirt off my back to someone in greater need.  Even since my stroke, and my own personal/physical struggles, I still muster up the strength to help my elderly father who suffers from Alzheimer’s, and my brother who has severe lymphedema.  They have no one else since my mother passed away at the onset of the Covid pandemic.

Additionally, I’ve always prided myself on being self-sufficient and independent; seldom asking anyone for help.  Needless to say, this culmination of unfortunate events has left me in a bind that I alone cannot recover from.  My immediate debts exceed $100k given all the medical expenses and household debts that have mounted up.  I’ve been forced to frequent the food shelf just to survive, which is actually quite humiliating for me, as I’ve typically been the donor.

I fervently hope that you can find it in your heart to help me in my journey back to health and independence.  I so yearn to reclaim the active life I once had so that I might enjoy my grandchildren the way I’d like to.  Realistically, that requires your help and generosity in order to make this aspiration a reality.

Any contribution, regardless of size, would be profoundly appreciated.  Even if you cannot assist financially, your efforts in sharing my story with others to raise awareness of my campaign would welcomed as well.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your compassion, your prayers, and your generosity!  May blessings abound upon you all!

With immense gratitude,

Shelley PR


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