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My husband had unexpected Open Heart surgery.

He was our soul provider.  I cannot work and am filing disability.  We have no money coming in and have all of his medical bills to pay for.  We are a family of 6. We don’t know what to do because we also have our monthly bills to pay and cannot.  He will be having alot of drs appointments to go to and also Cariac Rehab.

He went in for heart palpitations and difficulty catching his breath.  They did an angiogram and found 3 blockages that stints would not work for he did have a stint put in this area 2 years ago and at that time we were told if he had a heart attack he would have died because it was the widow maker.  So needless to say, he had to have open heart surgery for a triple bypass.  This was on January 9, 2024.  He did come home but…  He was just brought back to the ER because he developed AFib where is heart rate was over 219 for 5 hours.  Medicine finally worked to slow it down, this time.  They are now trying to figure out what to do to keep him out of AFib.

I am really scared on what could happen they said he could just go into AFib at any time again and again.

Please if you can find it in your hearts to help us during this extremely stressful time.   I do understand that we all are having problems with keeping up to date with any of our bills.  We would appreciate anything you could donate.


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