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My name is Ellis Gandy. My oldest daughter Destiny is a student at Oral Roberts University majoring in Children’s Ministry. My 14-year-old son Eli is a Junior high student and still lives at home with me. He is currently on a scholarship to play travel baseball.

Recently, my son has been experiencing arm pain when pitching and it has progressively gotten worse. I took him to his PCP on 03/26/24 and his x-rays were abnormal. They ordered a STAT MRI for 04/01/24(Proof Attached) for further confirmation. It ended up being a Salter Harris fracture and torn labrum. The MRI cost was 950.00 which includes my deductible and coins. I tried local charitable organizations but my income did not fall below federal poverty guidelines so they didn’t help. Churches were also out of benevolent funds to help me. I tried borrowing from my 401K but was not able to too until I am fully vested. He was ordered physical therapy for 8 weeks. I have gotten him to ever visit up until now. Our tires and transmission had gotten to the point it is no longer safe. Hopefully he will be healthy for High School ball next year if he completes his therapy. Baseball is a great passion of his and also gives him a way of escape with all the stuff going on in our lives. It is pertinent I get him to his therapy to avoid surgery and improper development of his growth plate.

I was hoping you could find it in your heart to help us with the 4200.00 to get the truck back on the road. I am not asking for a hand out but a hand up. The only thing I have to offer for your investment in me and my family is to pay it forward once I am in a better place. After paying off the MRI with my last paycheck and May Rent that was due , electric bill , as well as the coinsurance for the continued Physical Therapy, I am truly out of options. You would be making an investment in my son’s future by helping him get healthy again. It is very hard to get another appointment if you miss one. God Bless You


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