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Cancer doesn’t just impact me (the patient) but the whole dynamics of my family unity. Our family has been through extreme hardship since Feb. 2024. I, Jody, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Doctors recommended removing the upper right lobe, and did Mar. 4, 2024. During recovery my wife and I encounter a car accident on Mar. 31, 2024. Resulting in us loosing our car. On April 3, 2024 I received the pathology results during the post surgery appointment. The cancer had spread to 5 nearby lymph nodes, which requires 4 cycles of aggressive chemo within the next 3 months. Following treatments once every 6 weeks for a year.  I am trying to stay strong but have been unable to work since Feb. My wife’s job ended at the end of Feb and she has been actively looking for full time employment during my recovery and treatments. With health insurance the expenses of traveling back and forth to receive treatments (gas, meals, lodging), co-payments and the daily housing expenses has depleted the little savings we had. My wife and I are not just emotionally and physically exhausted we are financially drained and we may be forced to liquidate our home just to survive. We care for my wife’s eldest child and 2 grand children, that reside in our home. Our family is externally grateful for the love and support you share. Prayers are accepted too! Financial contributions will go towards my treatments and housing expenses. Thank you in advance for your generous contribution to allow my family to survive during this troubling times.


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