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In April 2019, I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer.  I underwent 1 year of chemotherapy, 33 radiation treatments, bilateral mastectomy (with emergent surgery due to large hematoma), total hysterectomy since my cancer was hormone driven and finally reconstruction. I was ready to start life anew cancer free but then started having weakness in my right hand and arm followed by debilitating pain.  I was then diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome secondary to nerve damage caused by radiation and the traumatic second surgery after the mastectomy.  My cancer is back and in my skull.  We will be traveling to MD Anderson and of course this is costly.  We have 5 kids – 2 grown, 2 in college and an 11 year old at home.  All this is of course expensive on its own.  Anything anyone can give to help with travel costs is much appreciated.


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