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 Hi friends!  Our mom was recently diagnosed with cancer.  I am reaching out to my dear friends and those that have asked what they can do to help her. Would you be able to provide an organic homemade soup/crockpot meal and/or a organic smoothie (for one) in a zip lock bag that can be frozen?  Just two servings would be so incredibly helpful!  I am available to come and pick them up to deliver to my mom and dad! If cooking isn’t your cup of tea, I’m also asking for financial support to help cover any medical costs that insurance is may not be covering.  Also the days off that she might miss to compensate her work wages. Would you be able to financially bless her medical expenses? But most of all, I’m asking for your prayers.  If anything, can you please pray for healing over her body and painless days?  Truly, anything that will uplift her spirits and keep her going through the next couple of months.  The prayers are truly our biggest request! I also am keeping this private because she would be mortified if she knew I was advocating this for her. Thank you so much for your love, Crystal Hill & Jennifer Griffin


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