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Hi. My name is Marilyn. I’m 55 y/o and have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.  This is my 2nd time having breast cancer. The 1st time was in 2018 with a rare form and I beat it. It returned as a different form the most common type and 100% curable if caught early.  I was to late. I’m taking a hormone blocker that helps with the pain. It’s now in my sternum and lymph nodes. There is another medicne I could take but it will not allow me to work and I can’t afford the tests involved with being on it, so passed on taking it. I am an occupational therapist assistant working as one for 27 yrs.  I love my job and believe in quality of life. My job is very rewarding. I want to be able to work as long as I can helping persons get better and go home. I work at a SNF. I enjoy speaking with patients about the Lord. Spreading His love and word.  My oncologist says I have 2 to 3 yrs. I have one son who is 24 and the love of my life. He will be married next year. I was looking forward to being a grandma but it is not in the stars for me. I have accepted my fate. I know where I’m going after I die. I need help paying my medical bills. My deductible is 8000.00 and I don’t have it. I don’t want to leave this earth in debt. Please help


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