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Hello family & friends!!! I was married 1 year ago and took the words for richer or poorer and in sickness and in health completely, one month ago. My husband was diagnosed in March with throat cancer, he had a tumor on his vocal cords. On April 13th we were already having surgery and a Laryngectomy performed, removal of the voice box, getting a tracheostomy, and a peg-tube inserted. He spent 14 days in the hospital, 5 of which were in the ICU. Before the surgery could take place we had to come up with $5000 to pay the deductible on our insurance, I borrowed from everyone I could think of. We were hoping to pay this off with tax return money, well, we got none. We now have another $5000 to pay out of pocket, then insurance will pick up most things at 100%. We spent the first couple days getting all the supplies delivered to the house and finding a place to store them. A suction machine for the trach, a HME to keep moisture in his airway, formula to feed him through his tube, he uses 6 per day. He will not be ready to do swallow test until 2 months after surgery, so waiting for him to be able to eat a meal again will be wonderful. He is working on his speech therapy to try to pronounce words with his electrolarynx. His airway and esophagus were separated during surgery.  I am hoping also to be able to get him an adjustable bed so that he can sleep comfortably instead of living in the recliner in the living room.  We would also appreciate prayers for healing over his body and for pain free days and nights. Thank you so much for anything you see in your hearts to provide.

Update: Tommy has been allowed to eat some soft foods, so he is eating them up. We will be having another surgery on June 9th to place a voice thingy in his throat to help him talk better. We are slowly paying off some of these bills coming in from yall’s donations.


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