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Your donation is 100% tax deductible, up to limits set by the IRS. You receive a tax deductible receipt immediately through email.
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A little goes a long way…To make a difference in this world, let’s start by spreading the seeds generosity and compassion.

Life can sometimes throw a curveball when we least expect it, whether it is a loss of steady income, sudden illness, property damage … the list goes on.

At GiveTaxFree.org, we believe that when enough kind-hearted people join forces, they can make a difference even in the most complex situations.

If you have never raised or donated money via our platform, this guide includes all you need to know to create or support a cause you care about.

Read on to learn more about our system, the secrets of creating a successful campaign and making donations.

GiveTaxFree.Org is a unique fundraising website providing benefits for both the recipients and the donors. We hold a special non-profit status granted by the IRS, which means that the funds raised via our site are tax-free, and donors from the USA can deduct their donation from their tax.

This platform serves everyone looking to raise funds for a legitimate need, which we define as something essential to living a healthy life, providing for a family, or staying safe. For example, you can seek help with paying for medical bills, food, housing, rent, home repairs, emergency travel, security, safety and so on.

We can either send the donations to your bank account via Wells Fargo DirectPay or send you a cheque via US Mail on a weekly basis.

If you are a donor, we will email you a tax donation letter after receiving your contribution.

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