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Hello everyone my name is Linda Thomas I am 74 years old I have a husband named Kim I need to get him home to Cincinnati Ohio I am lacking $1,000 and I am low income I am working two jobs to make ends meet and it’s still not enough to get my husband back home from a mission trip anything helps. We highly appreciate it. We met through a mutual friend my best friend was friends with him and we clicked he is on a mission trip he is already retired and he is lacking $1,000 to come home I really love him please help me get him home and he has a wonderful daughter Sharon that is in college studying to be a nurse. My husband is my best friend I need him here with me. I am begging for everyone’s help to help me for everyone thinking it’s a scam yes I have talked to him on the phone and video chatted him he is real he sent me an engagement ring and wedding ring and we got married I have a piece of my heart I need to give to him with my name on it and birthstone. We are planning on moving to Houston Texas and living out our retired days there making beautiful memories. His daughter cannot help us because she is in school staying to be a nurse and my son cannot help because he has his own financial problem. My family won’t help me either I am basically alone in this situation I have no other family. I am type 2 diabetic and I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol I cannot have financial stress.


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