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It started off with extreme fatigue, but a cancer diagnosis is not what I expected to hear in June of this year. The symptoms started off very vague with fatigue and later a persistent cough. After about 18 months of visiting doctors and being misdiagnosed with things such as Low Vitamin D , Asthma Allergies, hormonal imbalances.  I was told at first, that I had breast cancer. Then soon after I was re-diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. I am currently in treatment for Lymphoma at MD Anderson Cancer Center. As I have always been very independent, and able to care for my family.  I have learned during this journey that getting help sometimes is okay.  I am a single mother of 4 sons. We are a happy family, but the stress of financial burden has weighed heavily on me.  I really want to utilize this time to heal, and not stress too much especially, after chemotherapy days. As the treatment has weakened me, I have missed days of work causing a decrease in my salary.  However, this is only a temporary predicament. I anticipate, if everything goes as planned, my health will be fully restored. By the end of 2022, I will be done with Chemotherapy treatments. I anticipate being back to full strength to care for my family.  It is my goal to raise $3000.00 to utilize for medical bills, one month of rent,  and unpaid utility bills. Any extra funds will be utilized for any immediate needs I may have.. Thank you for your support.


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