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We our a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization  established to help pet owners who may not be able to pay veterinary services financial assistance for the cost of  needed  preventative care shots, spaying and neutering and emergency services that are provided by their local Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics for their household pets. When  a pet owner can not afford needed care services their Veterinary Hospital or Clinic will submit claim to Theresa Tails , When request is approved , Theresa Tails will submit payment back to requesting Veterinary  offices and needed services will be performed.                                            We are committed to health related educational opportunities for our clients and promoting responsible pet ownership to ensure that pets receive all needed care to make sure your pets stay happy and healthy. We Believe that this is a Win, Win Program for all , the pet owners, the Veterinary Hospitals And Clinics  that now can perform these needed services and especially  for our beloved pets. So many household pets are denied these essential services due to the families can not afford them. This sometimes results in unhealthy pets and more chronic ailments later in life for  pets. This even makes a sometimes hard decision to a pet owner to give up their pets or turn them loose. We provide our services from Donations that are given from individuals, small businesses and large corporations that may need a charity tax break.  Our Mission is to ensure that all family pets get the needed medical treatments that is essential for their health and that all pet owners are able to give their pets the care and love they need.


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