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I really need your help in my battle to beat cancer.

The “before” photo taken about three years ago…

My name is Terry Owens and I have Stage 3 Melanoma cancer. Melanoma is the third most common type of skin cancer and is much more deadly. I am asking for your help to raise the necessary money for my cancer surgery, treatment, recovery, and loss of income as I fight these battles. I want to be a cancer survivor!

When I was told that I had cancer I was shocked! The stress that this causes is, at times, unbearable. It has consumed my life from not being able to work as I have no energy to the everyday stress of just trying to pay my bills. Even simple household chores wear me out. I take it day by day now. The financial strain is overwhelming. The mental strain since day one, the diagnosis, is simply overwhelming. Stress from trying to pay the bills to the anxiety before a surgery. I’m trying, day by day, to battle the stress and anxiety along with the cancer treatments. I always enjoyed working whether it was as a regional transit bus driver company to my other career as a professional drummer. Sadly I have had to give both up. Needless to say my revenue sources came to a halt and have resulted in the financial spot I am in. I Was an avid photographer with quality equipment. I had hoped to be able to turn this into a business but I have reached the point that I have had to sell all of my equipment just to try to make ends meet.

The financial burden caused by cancer is tremendous. From diagnostic procedures such as CT and PET scans to Fine Needle Biopsies and surgeries (I have had two surgeries to the back of my scalp and neck with a third surgery scheduled early next month), all the way to rent and utilities, transportation, medication and groceries all which have to come out of my meager Social Security benefits payment. While my Medicare and insurance pay a large portion of the medical bills, the out-of-pocket expenses have become astronomical and unaffordable and leaves me totally drained… I simply cannot cover the cost without your help.

Treating cancer is scary! So far my two surgeries (April 1st and May 24th) have left the back of my head looking like a road map! I don’t mind the road map if it will lead to beating cancer.

My surgeon has removed the melanoma and is now concentrating on removing infected lymph nodes. I am not even at the stage of recommending a treatment plan. So, you see, I have a long way to go. more surgery and then on to a treatment plan. As you can see, I really need your help in my battle to beat cancer.

The “after” photo… recent, taken after  surgery on May 24th

May God bless every one of you. Stay safe!


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