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Our friend and neighbor Jordan Meyer was in a motorcycle accident Tuesday, November 22nd requiring him to be airlifted to University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He broke his neck, and back in 3 locations, 8 ribs and his clavicle. He has a collapsed and badly bruised lung and has bleeding around the kidneys. The neck fracture kinked one of the blood vessels to his brain but it is being monitored by his doctors. Thank God he is not paralyzed.

Jordan, Becky, and their four children will need the support and prayers from friends and family. The road to recovery will be a steep and laborious one that will require a lot of Physical Therapy and visits to doctors. The Meyer family will need the support of friends and family. The medical bills and time away from work will mount, this fund will help them through this difficult time. The Meyer’s are thankful for their friends, family and their church community.

Many thanks and praise for the first responders by land and air. The doctors, nurses and medical staff. Your kindness and support for the Meyer family is a blessing. THANK YOU! Thankful for a merciful God.

This fund will be used for medical bills and assistance to bridge the gap for the loss of work and help provide some relief in this difficult time to their family.

Please send your prayers and love during these times.

We appreciate any and all donations to help the Meyer family through this difficult time.


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