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Sometimes life throws something at you that you weren’t expecting or prepared for. That’s what happened to Laurel. In December she received a diagnosis of breast cancer. As she has come to terms with this, we realized that she needs some help. Each treatment alone costs $400 and she pays the first several treatments herself. (They will be billing her for those and she has the impossible task of setting up  some kind of payment arrangements.) She will have many bills that are not covered by her insurance.   Another area of need is good nutritious food for her.  She has almost no room in her budget for food, much less meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of you know this is essential to fighting diseases, especially cancer. This is further complicated by her diabetes. Her numbers are very erratic because they’re impacted by her treatments. This fund is set up so that anyone who gives can deduct their gift from their taxes.  If you are able to give, that’s great! Please know that any amount you can give, even $5 or $10 matters and is helpful! And if you are able to give that amount once a month that is greatly appreciated!  Any amount you give goes towards the cause. Please know that Laurel has the help of some friends who are providing for her immediate needs as well. Her cousin Chris is staying with her for now taking care of her while she goes through her treatments. She is cooking, cleaning and getting her to her appointments, as well as keeping her company and taking care of her when she is feeling ill.  Jeannie is here for a variety of types of assistance and emotional support.  Nora has welcomed Laurel’s great dog, Jesse, into her home and is taking care of all of her daily needs.  Laurel misses her terribly but is so grateful to Nora for caring for her dear companion, Jesse. And her neighbor and good friend Tom is checking on her daily as well as fixing things around the house and providing rides when needed. She still needs your support in other ways too. Remind her that you are thinking of her with a card, a message on her Facebook page or a short call.  Please no flowers! Laurel is severely allergic to them! Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider your gift!


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