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In January, Colton and Farren will be traveling to Scotland to begin working with Soul Edge Ministries, a Christian adventure gap year program. We will be in Scotland for 6 months (January-June) as we serve alongside a team of leaders to help develop and support 24 students. Our aim is to equip them as individuals and as leaders of tomorrow. We also have the opportunity to serve as adventure guides for these students and will be using the outdoors as a method of experiencing God and His creation. Soul Edge will take care of our general expenses once we arrive in Scotland, but we are responsible for raising the cost of our flights as well as a small stipend. Donations are welcome now through the end of our time with Soul Edge. Colton and I are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to serve with a ministry that has given us so much over the years, and we are so grateful for those who are coming alongside us in prayer and support as we begin this adventure in ministry. If you are interested in receiving updates of our adventures, reach out to Farren for a weekly email. She promises they will be as entertaining as they are informative!


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