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Thank you for visiting our campaign.  The photo I took and I call it The Hand of God.  I am reaching out for his hand.  This is all of my wife’s family.  Mine have all passed.  So here we go.

The first week of December my wife has a heart attack and had stints put in and she suffers from lupus.  We were in the process of  getting her new teeth put in but blood thinners keep  her from finishing that for now.

My wife had a relapse the next week at the same time her mother had a stroke, and my brother in laws wife was diagnosed with 2 types of cancer.

My mother in law is doing better.  She is in rehab.  She’s 81 years old.  My wife had another heart emergency the third week.  To make it worse, is not getting proper medical treatment, but neglect is a better term.  For lupus sufferers, if I’m correct, when you don’t have your lupus meds, life becomes extremely and uncomfortably painful.  The hospital she went to didn’t provide hydroxychloroquine because people only wanted it for covid.  Just like pain meds, the patients suffer because of ignorant medical employees who overreact and the real patients who the medicine was designed to help get bullied, harrassed, and neglected.  That leaves the patients angry, depressed, and hopeless.  That I can attest to.  My other brother in law took a home covid test and it tested positive.  He has his own health problems.

The aftermath of this will be here even after we’re all dead.  The medical bills.  We’re even going to get billed by the hospital that made the situation worse.

We’re only responsible for the effort.  God takes care of the rest.  We do the best we can when it involves things that are important to us.  Some of us still do the best we can when we just want to.  I’m a loner and my wife has been struggling 30 years after a car accident.  That suffering also lasts forever.

To put things in perspective, my wife and I have spent everyday 24-7 together for the past 5 years.  I was blessed with meeting good doctors.  It took me 10 years, 2 lost VA cases, 2 lost SocSec cases, 5 doctors, and a car accident before I realized God was doing all this.  That’s when he sent me the best neurologist I’ve been treated by.  With him, and the VA mental health programs, and medicinal marijuana; my physical state is a work in progress, but my mental health is better than it has ever been.   I  prayed and bargained with God and now I’m keeping my promises to him.

I’m putting this together because I  want the rest of my wife’s family to have some peace.  I physically can’t get a job and work.  I take care of my wife.  My brother in law has to take care of his wife and mother and try to work.  The wife starts or has started chemo and her he is a mess.  The brother that was taking care of him tested positive for covid.

There are so many people suffering right now and there is so much money being wasted.  These type of resources help the givers get the needy what they need.  The suffering get healing. The helpless get helped.  The hopeless find hope.  It’s the belief of some that this is to hated.  Providing is almost illegal.  This is important to all of us.  We all need to be free willing to receive help as well as to help others.  America’s best feature.

Thank you for reading the whole thing.  Any help that would be offered to my family will be paid to others.  Thank you and God Bless


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