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Bills in the hospitals Bills in the hospitals 2 Death Certificate of her Funeral

I Arlyn Juanani asking for help to all of you, My grandmother Fe Bautista just died last December 12, 2021 the cause was High Risk Pneumonia and Septic Shock. It was very devastating for us especially we end the year very sad and depressed. The Money that will be donated here will be used for the expenses in the hospital because up until now we didn’t settle yet the bills, but were very thankful that the hospital allowed us to held a funeral even if we didn’t pay the bills yet, but they gave us a period of time to settle all of the expenses. We are also very thankful for our relatives because they helped us with the Funeral Services of my Grandmother. Now we really need your help, we are asking for hopes to all of your good hearts. Its really hard for us because we lost our grandfather before and now our grandmother. My grandma is 73 years old. She’s very kind woman, Me and my sibling are with her since when we are baby because my mother is working abroad for almost 16 years now. My grandma is the one helped us to be a good and to have values in life. Hoping for donors who have good heart. if you want more photos of her i will send even a photo of her in the hospital. Thankyou so much in advance. Godbless.


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