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I’m writing this letter to seek your support for my husband Dwayne Barr. my husband has suffered two stroke and three brain surgeries at the ae of 37 years old. He was diagnosed with astrocytoma grade 3 brain cancer in 2019.He has been out of work since 2019. He was a hard working man. he love to provide for his family but cancer came in took it all away from him. In the past three years cancer has to control of his body but he is a fighter. We have two beautiful children age 16 and 9.

My 16 year old went out in got a job to help me pay bills, but i want my son to be able to finish school and not have to worry about adult things. They gave my husband 16 months to liv if the treatment he is undergoing now doesn’t work. It’s very hard trying to take care of a entire family off of one income. I know it broke my husband heart to see have to do very thing by myself. I am humbly asking for financial support assist to help my family out in this time of need. He is currently receiving radiation and chemo therapy again. I’m praying this time it work. He has already had 20 section of radiation ad 10 rounds of chemo in the pat 3 years. We are very grateful of those who took the time out of there busy life to read and donate. Thank you again

The Barr Family


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