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Hi my name is Donovan, I will only say my first name for privacy reasons. I had gone to the emergency room for testicle torsion this was very much unexpected, and I was not prepared for what had happened. I am attaching an image above that I hope you can see that explains my bill situation. My insurance covered a little bit, I was hoping that it would cover more and I am now left with a bill of $4,500. I have been making payments here and there but if I don’t get on track with this I will end up going to collections and I can’t have that happen. I would hate for this to go to collections and my credit to get affected by this. I wouldn’t come here if I didn’t need the assistance. I am a father to 3 children and with inflation and prices these days it’s very hard trying to make ends meet now that I have this very large bill on top of everything. If I can get assistance with this, I can put food on the table for my children and continue to work hard to support my family again without having to worry about this very large hospital bill. I would be forever grateful with any help at all, all payments I would provide proof of payment towards my bill, anything helps. Thank you for understanding and I hope that whoever sees this understand and I will show proof of payment if anyone does end up helping on this, thank you so much.


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