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Hello my name is Terry Childress, I’m a 50 year man with 6 children and 11 small grand children that has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in April of 2021. I went and had 3 opinions from different Doctor’s that all told me all the same bad news. So because my body is so sensitive I decided to opt out of conventional chemo and I found a clinic in Phoenix, AZ that specializes in integrative care, low dose chemo and homeopathic treatments. The Dr. from the clinic that I receive treatment at now in the beginning told me that I was a good candidate for their program. So that’s when I left Kentucky and came to Arizona for treatment. Which I had made very good progress with my illness and the clinic shrunk my tumors, one by 50% in my lung and the other by 30% in my lymph node in my neck in the first 2 months of me receiving treatment at this clinic. Within the next 3 months no more progress had been made mainly due to I couldn’t afford to get treatment and keep up with my bills. Then the progress slowed because I payed so much that almost all my money was gone and my credit was ran out I had to slow way down getting the treatment I needed. Which is all out of pocket because the clinic does not accept my state insurance so all is dealt with cash. So therefore I depleted my entire LIFE SAVINGS and went into a considerable amount of debt. Now my income went from 2,400 – 3,000$ a month when I could work to now only getting 800$ a month in disability and now the bills are very overwhelming to take care of with my treatment being so costly as well. Also having traveling expenses from gas and having to get hotel rooms as I travel is not easy. With that being said, I need as much help as I can get right now during this very stressful, overwhelming experience that I am going through. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated..

Thank you,
Terry L. Childress


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