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Teresa’s Hip Therapy Fund

October 2017   Teresa was involved in a car accident in February 2014 that caused neck and back injuries.   She worked hard with different forms of therapy to regain her strength and was well on the road to feeling like herself again when she had a mishap.

Teresa fell at the beginning of August this year and broke her hip. It was a complete break and she was scheduled to have surgery in October.  When she broke it her leg was turned outward and she could not bear much weight on it.  Her doctor was amazed that she was actually standing and walking.  He told her only a hip replacement would allow her leg to turn back to normal.   However, as the weeks passed Teresa noticed that her leg was starting to turn in and point forward. 

The doctor said she could hold off on surgery for now.  She would like to try physical therapy, chiropractic care, and different types of alternative therapy in an attempt to avoid hip replacement surgery in the near future. She is unable to pay for the expenses involved in these therapies and is asking for assistance from her family and friends to help with payment for these treatments and for medical bills. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated. Thank You and God Bless You.

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