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Can you believe the price of these teeth? This is with a 10 percent discount. I went to NUVIA dental implant center. If you are kind enough to donate EVERY penny will go for the teeth.  I  told these people I will never be able to pay for this- this is way over my head- I do not live beyond my own means. They’re like oh don’t worry about it-we can’t take back the teeth or we are not that people-think about your health, you want to eat right?. Now i find out with interest these teeth could cost over $100,000. I am just an assembly worker- I just hope for help here.

But on the other hand, I was too weak to say no, so it is my own fault. Now here is my wife. My husband is a good hard working man who just needs teeth to eat food.  He was talked into the Nuvia thing by the salesperson there.  We looked around and the cost for a full mouth of implants is about the same everywhere.  It’s just a shame that a set of $50,000 implants will wind up costing double that with the interest.  We’re both good hard, working people who need a break.  Anything you can give will be so very appreciated.  Thanks honey, I talked to the finance people who want to double/triple their money and begged them for a different option to pay but they won’t budge. In fact, I don’t think they want the bill paid they want more interest more late charges, and the bill to grow that is their goal. It almost makes you think well what if I don’t pay -what could they do? Should I really care? What do you think? Well, I do care, and I need to care of this fast. It will take a long time for my mouth to heal, but I am getting really depressed over this bill Please help give a hand up not a handout.


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