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Hi! I am Paulette and I need to have surgery before the New Year. Two surgeries, in fact. I have Endometriosis and my doctor is retiring at the end of the year. I had my first surgery for this disease in 2022. and as a result of that, I have scar tissue that has built up and is causing me a great deal of pain. What these new surgeries will do is the first will go in and clean up all the scar tissue and the second one – a week later – will go in again and make sure that no scar tissue has regrown.

My doctor is Dr. John Dulemba, the only Endometriosis surgeon in the DFW area – including Denton and the surrounding area. If I don’t have the surgery with him – I could have to travel as far as out of state to have the surgery with another doctor. I do have insurance through my disability – I receive SSI Disability checks and insurance from the government that covers the hospital, the surgery, and all other related medical expenses. Dr. Dulemba does not accept Medicaid insurance. The money is to pay for his fees of $600 for each surgery and other expenses – like travel and after-care – I will incur as a result of the surgeries. I live on my Disability check which barely covers rent and utilities with little leftover – certainly not enough to save for the necessary surgeries – so here I am…

If you can help at all, that would be amazing. If you can’t, maybe someone you know can. Anything you can do would be great – even prayers. Have a blessed day and thank you for your consideration.



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