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*Update 1/7/24*

Dad spent a couple nights in the hospital last week due to fever. After some much needed fluids and after testing, he was able to go home comfortably.  


Dad’s a few weeks into treatment now and has started feeling the effects. Unable to swallow most solids and is having a hard time talking. Thank you for the continued prayers 🙏 


Dad has started treatment this week and so far is feeling pretty good. He has a couple double radiation days ahead because of the holidays, one already under his belt. We appreciate so much to those that have donated so far. Your contributions have already made a huge difference. Thank you for the continued support!!

My name is Kyndee Masters and I am Franks daughter. In October 2023 my dad, Frank Holdorff, woke up to the left side of his neck swollen, a couple days later the right side swelled up double the size. Ten days after the swelling started, he decided it was time to go to the doctor. Within an hour he was in a CT and another 40 minutes after that he had his diagnosis.. Cancer.

The following day was a biopsy and the days leading were tests after tests, scans, you name it. His official diagnosis is Stage Two Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the throat.

My Dad will be going through a strong radiation treatment, five days a week for 7 weeks and chemo once a week for 7 weeks, then a few weeks for recovery after that. He will be working as much as he can during this time as well.

My dad does not have insurance. He is working on getting something figured out for this and we have all agreed to worry about the medical bills after he is better. My mom is also bringing in money but what she makes barely covers the mortgage and he also pays majority of my widowed grandmothers too. What I am asking for is help with the monthly bills to keep a roof over their heads during this difficult time.

My dad is the most selfless man I know. He is always willing to lend a hand, give a ride, house you in a time of need, spot you some funds, give you the shirt off his back kind of guy. He also does not accept help well at all and always feels that there is someone else out there that deserves it more than he does.

If your able to help in any way it would be much appreciated, even if its prayers and a share. It means more then you know. Thank you so much from our family to yours!


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