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UPDATE 5/18:  You, my people, are INCREDIBLY GENEROUS!  In addition to all the help you’re giving me, it looks like you’ve offered dana of around 25% to the funding aggregator.  You’re amazing.

If you don’t know me:  I’m a 56 year old mother to an incredible 10 year old.  Raised in NYC, I now live in the peace of the Hudson Valley.  A survivor of developmental (and likely epigenetic) trauma, I’ve lived and wrestled with Complex PTSD from my birth.  It’s shaped my entire life’s capacity and choices.  In recent years I have had an extraordinary degree of integration, positioning me to see, hold, and bring care to some of the deepest truths of the human experience.

UPDATE 5/18:  Those of you who know me will know how much this means – since my injury I have maintained remarkable balance, growing almost daily in gratitude and ability to receive!  Woot-Woot!!!

I try to make everything I do help increase awareness of the interconnectedness of everything.  A big part of that has been clearing my trauma.  Well, while I was doing that in a spectacular venue, I fell and got a broken right arm.

(Donate to hear me sing the song about it! Here’s a teaser of the lyric, written by the fabulous Dave Bulley:  “In a moment of sorrow, abounding with joy, I slipped and broke too many things, thrown like a cowboy.”  There’s a witch, and chicken feet, too.  And it’s all true.)

The injury has been costly, between our high-deductible insurance, the loss of my income, and the need for adaptations such as prepared food for the family and special equipment for the kitchen.

In addition, I’m committed to handling this healing with care and self-love.  I’ve made dietary changes and am including herbal infusions to create in my body a mineral-and collagen- and nutrient-dense environment for bone healing. I’m doing my exercises as I can and working with a chiropractor and physical therapist to compensate for the negative effects of the brace on my posture and nerves.

One of the most interesting opportunities comes because I’m forced to use my non-dominant hand, and perhaps also my right hemisphere.  (I take a very broad philosophical position on brain hemispheres; see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Master_and_His_Emissary.  At the same time, the beneficial effects of bilateral brain stimulation on PTSD and fear have been amply demonstrated, link to published experimental example. ).

I am capitalizing on this by drawing and painting lefty, and by engaging myself fully in therapies.  These include somatic and mindfullness practices that maximize my chances of using this experience for Refuah Shlema, a complete healing on all levels:  body, mind, heart, and soul.

UPDATE 5/18:  I’m mostly-out of the brace, and integrating my right hand back into my routine carefully, intending to preserve this new balance gifted me in this injury!

My deepest desire is to emerge from this brace excited to strengthen myself in all ways, that I may begin to share my gifts more widely, make more connections, provide more support to myself and my fellow beings, and help us all move towards the deep understanding of interconnectedness that will allow us to correct course of our Spaceship Earth.

I’m asking for your help in getting to this goal.  Any donations received will first be used to pay the ‘non-negotiable’ expenses: the ER, the orthopedist, and the minimum physical therapy.  I am so thankful to have already received gifts to offset my lost income and our increased living expenses (thank you!!), there are several months remaining in which I cannot work as I heal my arm.

UPDATE 5/18:  with over $5,000 donated, the lost wages and orthopedic follow up visits are just about covered!!  Amazing results!  Thank you.  

It is my hope to reach a wide enough circle of care that the collective can help me achieve, or exceed, my fundraising goal.  With those resources, I will be able to invest in my more-complete healing:  Continued support of my supplements and herbs, chiropractic and PT to relieve numbness in my left hand and correct the imbalance relating to the brace and confinement, and evaluation and treatment of any osteopenia to help me preserve bone density as I age, as well as somatic healing practices to support me in caring for myself increasingly well.

(My fundraising goal is based on a budget available upon request)

I dream of peaking at 70.  I see myself healed-enough to serve as a vibrant and loving support and leader helping our planetary collective break free of the nightmare of separation and the toxic behaviors that stem from it.  Help me use this injury to get there.

I’ve chosen this platform because they take no fees beyond the Stripe processing fees, and, for those of you who can still itemize deductions, your donations are tax-deductible.  Your donation will show as to “World Christian Charity Fund”.  Although I’m not a Christian, I align with Jesus of Nazareth (more than many so-called ‘Christians’ these days).

If this causes you any concern, or you’d like access to the budget, please email me at tara.tayy@gmail.com to explore other ways you can contribute.  Thank you.

All donors will receive a thank you, and get the chance to hear the song.

UPDATE 5/18: If you can’t donate, introduce me to someone new by email, and share this fundraiser, and I’ll send you the song! 

Blessings, and thanks, Tara


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