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January 16, 2024 – Update from April Kincade: 
With great sorrow I share the news that Nathan passed away around 6:50pm this evening surrounded in love by his family.  Thank you for continuing to hold Trina and her family in your hearts and prayers at this very difficult time.
If you have it in your heart and can make any contribution to help this family with funeral expenses and medical bills they have incurred during Nathan’s prolonged illness, please donate any amount at all via this page (no extra fee is required – just use the custom amount link to zero out the extra donation to the platform if you only want to donate to Trina directly) or donate via PayPal (@TrinaLawson218) or Cashapp($trinagreer23).
If you are unable to donate, if you would do me the huge favor of sharing this page to your social media platforms to spread the message for assistance for this family, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you all again for your love, kindness, and continuing prayers. 
January 15, 2024 Update from April Kincade: 
I am sad to share that Nathan’s condition has continued to decline over the past few days.  He has been on comfort care since the evening of January 12 and is sleeping most of the time due to the heavy medication needed to keep him comfortable.  Trina is staying at the hospital with him and doing what a mom does – pouring all of the love she can on him while her own heart is breaking.    Nathan is her first born and only son – she’s loved him from the moment she knew she was carrying him and brought him into this world and will love him always and forever.  My heart breaks for them as I know your’s does.  Please continue to raise them up in prayer during this very difficult time. 
I want to personally say thank you so very much to everyone who has offered their prayers for comfort and healing for Nathan and to those who have donated to help support this family with medical expenses and end of life planning.  If you haven’t already, please consider making a donation – no matter what size – and sharing this fundraising page on your social media platforms.  Trina and her family need our support now more than ever.  Thank you for your prayers, care, and support. 
January 12, 2024 Update: 
Trina shared this update on FB:  Update on my boy. He has taken a turn for the worst. Family has been called in. Prayers for peace for Nathan and a little prayer for comfort for our family would be greatly appreciated.
Please continue to keep my son in your prayers. He’s very sick and unfortunately it’s not good. We don’t know how much longer he’ll be with us. If you feel led to contribute to help us with expenses for Nathan, please know how much we appreciate your generosity and support. More than anything we need your prayers and thank you for your continued prayers. 💚
December 15th, 2023 Update: 
FB Update from Trina:  Please please pray for my son Nathan. He’s in the hospital again due to the calciphylaxis and which now the doctors are saying he has an infection in his blood stream and we are hoping IV antibiotics will help with that. With calciphylaxis, infection in the lesions is very probable and now it has gotten to his toes and doctors do not feel they can be saved (all but his big toe on his right foot).  When he got to the hospital last night, his blood pressure was low and his heart rate was high.
Please pray for him
November 15, 2023 Update:
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has donated to help Nathan via this platform or directly via PayPal (@TrinaLawson218) or Cashapp($trinagreer23).  Every donation helps so much!
I wanted to share a brief update to let you know that a hospital bed and other necessary medical equipment was delivered to Nathan’s home earlier this week so he could be released from the hospital.  He is currently receiving home health visits under an extensive palliative care program to help manage the severe pain he is constantly experiencing from the calciphylaxis and his other health issues.  He also has to return to the hospital multiple times every week for dialysis and doctor/specialist visits to stay on top of everything he has going on.
As Thanksgiving approaches, please know that we are so thankful for the many prayers, encouraging words, and positive thoughts you are all sending for Nathan and ask that you please keep them coming!  He has a birthday coming in December and his family is planning a special potluck dinner birthday celebration at the McRae Community Center on December 3 at 4:00pm.   If you’re in the area and can stop in and say hello they would love to see you there.  
(One last thing to note, please know if you choose to donate via this campaign, you can decrease the 15% value that is defaulted as a donation to this platform by clicking on the Custom Amount link in the payment screen and entering any value – you are not required to donate the 15% that it defaults to, this is an optional donation but it helps givetaxfree.org keep this platform up and running for people in need.)  
Thank you for donating and have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love, health, blessings, and cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 
November 2, 2023
Hi, my name is April Kincade and I’m a friend and former classmate of Trina Greer.  I’m creating this fundraiser to help Trina and her family with medical and future expenses for her son, Nathan Cook.  Nathan has had many serious health challenges over the past five years and it has become critical over the past few weeks.  
Nathan’s health issues required surgical intervention last year and he has suffered with loss of kidney function since that time and spent a great deal of time at doctor visits and in the hospital.  He is currently undergoing dialysis 3x a week and was just diagnosed with calciphylaxis, a serious condition related to kidney failure that is extremely painful and can cause blood clots, skin ulcers and serious infections.  The doctors are not offering a hopeful prognosis due to the extent of his numerous health problems, but the family is keeping hope alive for the best while preparing for the alternative and honoring Nathan’s wishes.  He is going to be in the hospital frequently for the foreseeable future and Trina and his wife are taking turns staying at the hospital with him while also continuing to work full time jobs.  For anyone who has stayed night after night at the hospital with a loved one and continue to work and try to meet your daily commitments, you know the toll this can take. 
I share this information to highlight how many challenges he and his family have been facing physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially for quite some time.  Nathan is a father, a husband, a son, a brother…his family and friends love him greatly and are doing all they can to support him during this time, but sometimes we have to ask for more help when we need it the most.  We ask for your prayers of healing and positive thoughts for Nathan because we know that miracles can and do happen every day and that our lives are ultimately in God’s hands. 
If you feel it in your heart to offer financial support to help Nathan and his family cover any of their mounting expenses, you will be helping to relieve some of their financial and mental burden and let them focus on spending time together and making their memories count.  Any contribution makes a big difference and your donation through this fundraiser is also 100% tax deductible.  You will receive a donation receipt to your email.   
Thank you so much for your kind words, thoughts, prayers, generosity and support for Nathan during this time – we greatly appreciate it.


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