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Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this. Elia got hurt at work from a Toxic Gas/Chemical Exposure on 02/13/2022. He is a loving father of 4 girls and a loving husband who worked so hard to provide for his family and yet give back to others whenever he could. He had gotten a really good job offer we could not over look in November of 2021. This meant we would have to move and fast 7 hrs away up in Chicago. That move happened on December 2nd of 2021. We were living in a hotel until we could get an apartment. However just as we started looking for one he got injured. We ended up using up all our savings to keep our heads above water and are now 2 months behind on EVERYTHING! I have had to take care of him and couldn’t work. We filed for Workman’s Comp however we just found out on 04/12/2022 they denied him. We now have filed for an Emergency Trial on 04/13/2022.  We are now waiting to know when his court date is. That however could take several months. I need help so that I can take care of him and our family. The donations will be going towards all our expenses including his medical expenses. We also need all the prayers we can get right now. I appreciate each and every person helping us. You are a gift from God that Elia I am sure will never forget. God Bless all of you!!!


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