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Danial is a vibrant full of life 6 year old who loves building Legos, playing with his cars, biking and going on adventures with his little brother and his family. In May of this year, after falling off his bike his parents noticed he was having difficulty using one side of his body and rushed him to the ER. They discovered he had a tumor on his brain and airlifted him to a children’s hospital where they did additional testing. After scans and biopsies, they diagnosed him with a rare cancer, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) , a tumor in the brainstem. This type of tumor is aggressive and deteriorates the part of the brain that controls motor and autonomic function. (Walking, talking, heartrate, breathing etc.) Currently there is no cure for this type of cancer, only treatment to help control symptoms. Danial is currently going through radiation. He is tough as nails and is trying to stay strong for his family. Although he gets tired easy and cannot use his right side of his body very well, he is still building his legos and playing with his little brother. He is such a positive, beautiful little human. This type of diagnosis comes with a hefty financial and emotional burden as his parents are currently off work to support him. I am hoping this campaign will help support some of the financial burden of medical bills, housing, transportation costs, food, and essentials Danial might need. With this campaign I hope WE can all come together to support him and his family.   


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