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Brent received some very good news last week! He has been approved for a Paired Liver Transplant Program and is scheduled for a living donor transplant on July 31!
Here is a summary of how Brent’s transfer will happen: They have a 3-way living donor swap that involves Brent’s son, Brendan, donating his liver along with 2 additional living donors donating. Brendan was not a match to Brent so he cannot give directly to Brent, but he is a match to someone else, and someone is a match to Brent, and there is a 3rd person thrown in there too. Brendan’s donation surgery is scheduled for August 1st and the 3rd surgery in the group will be August 2nd. Brent’s surgery will be first of the 3 because he is complicated. We have been told that they checked and double checked and on paper the liver they have for Brent looks like it will work but that they won’t know for sure until they open Brent up and start the surgery. When they open him up if they determine that the liver will not work, they will stop the surgery and all 3 transplants will be cancelled. Additional information can be found on the Caring Bridge Website that Jen has set up.
This is all very good news and answers a lot of prayers! It does however come with some financial challenges. Jen has rented an AirBNB up in Rochester for Brent and Brendan to recover for 4-5 weeks after the surgery. In addition, Jen will be taking unpaid time off for a month or more to take care of both Brent and Brendan. Lastly, Brendan will be on unpaid leave for 8-12 weeks while he recovers.
In addition to providing more prayers, if you are able to help financially to support the Fergusons it would be one less worry for them to focus on in the coming months.
Thank you so much for the prayers and support!

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