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Her name is Gina, and she is a wonderful person and Mother. She has raised four children-three adult sons and has a 15 -year- old daughter. She was a teenage mother at he age of 16 years old and was faced with many challenges. She was determined that she would be a role model for other girls her age at the time. She completed high school on time and graduated with her class. She also worked part-time to pay for childcare for her son and his needs. After graduating high school she went further to attend college, and she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. She went further to obtain her Master’s degree in elementary education.

Gina’s priority was to always ensure that her children had a fruitful and happy childhood. She also volunteered at her children’s schools at all levels as a classroom parent volunteer and served as PTSO president and vice president at her children’s schools at the elementary and middle school levels.

After receiving her degrees, she was employed as a social worker and a teacher throughout the years. She enjoys helping people, especially children and families. She’s been such a driving force for everyone that came to encounter her acquaintance. She was able to send her three sons to college, with one that will graduate in 2023.

Gina had to overcome some health challenges within the past 16 years, such as chronic anemia, two blood transfusions, and heart disease (2017). Even though she had these challenges, she still maintained her health by healthy eating, exercising, and keeping her faith and trust in God.

October 3, 2022, Gina had a stroke while she was home alone working. She was able to call 911 and rushed to the hospital. She spent two weeks in the hospital and inpatient rehabilitation. She also had to attend physical and speech therapy after being discharged from the hospital. In December 2022, the neurologist discovered that she had a 7mm brain aneurysm that was also indicated in her scans and tests while she was in the hospital but further confirmed in December 2022.   The neurosurgeon will not perform surgery on her aneurysm as it is on a tricky part of her brain which can trigger another stroke or cause other damage, which can lead to a fatality.

She has been relying on her own resources to pay for housing, utilities, food, and medication. And direct billing for her medical insurance premium that she has through her employer, in which she is still currently on unpaid leave since the date of her medical incident.

We want to do as much as we can to ensure that she does not worry about housing, utilities, food, medical premiums, or any necessary expenses while she is home healing and recovering until she is able to return to work.

She is very empathic and has the heart of helping others and has put helping others before herself.


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