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CW is a loving and caring person who recently began showing signs of illness. His thought process seemed to be declining. Thinking maybe he had a virus or something that he would recover from, therefore, medical care was delayed. He worked for a small 3 person company with no health insurance.
This past Monday morning, his wife Elizabeth realized something was terribly wrong. Not only was he not quite himself, he was struggling to walk. Enough was enough. She was taking him to the ER even if he didn’t like. All signs were exhibiting a possible stroke. Little did she know it was much worse than that. Things are about to become overwhelming for both CW and Elizabeth.
CW has 26-30 nodules on his brain and a nodule in a lung. He has been diagnosed with Metastatic Stage 4 Brain Cancer. They have been performing tests to properly diagnose the source of the cancer. The doctors state the original source is not from the brain or lung but somewhere else. They have not been able to find it and need to know which cancer it is to treat it if at all possible. The cancer at this time is inoperable on his brain. The nodules on his brain are swelling and will continue to swell until it affects his brain stem. His final journey is imminent.
We are facing decisions we never thought we would have to face. CW was given the choice of Palliative Care or Hospice. At this time, he just wants to go home and put all of this behind him. That is not his new reality.
The doctors have stated he has 6-8 weeks of life expectancy, at the most, but no time can be guaranteed; nor how long before his mental capacity is diminished as the swelling continues in his brain.
He now has to figure out how to continue to pay his bills while he is still here in Charity Hospice at home, how to help his wife after he is gone, decide what to do about the mortgage, all while planning his own funeral. He does not want the burden passed on to his wife and children.
Will you consider donating $5, $25, $50 to the fundraiser to help him through the end of his path, with some sort of peace of mind?
Through the donations received so far, A plot was donated and the basic funeral expenses have been covered. His upcoming mortgage is $1,100 and hopefully, the next mortgage he needs covered is $1,100. The utility bills will be several hundred. Just getting through the next month or two is all we ask.

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