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Stephanie has had many battles her entire life. She lost her dad and brother when she was a child and recently lost her mom and another brother in the last 10 years. That is a lot to endure at only 43 years old. But she continues to fight her biggest battle which is diabetes. It is extremely hard to get her sugar regulated with her form of diabetes and she has suffered many setbacks because of it. In Sept 2011, she lost her big toe on her left foot and then the next toe in Nov 2011 due to continued infection. There were little things happening during the next few years and now there has been another major setback. Stephanie had her left leg amputated below the knee last week due to more infection that couldn’t be controlled. She is doing well with recovery but needs help while out of work until she can recover and get a leg fitted. She will need a ramp built at her house and also some renovations to her bathroom. Her family is also in need of food and money for bills during this time she is off work. She fully plans on getting back to work as she has always been tough and a fighter thru everything. Please help Stephanie and family if possible. Any monetary amount will help. If you cannot help monetarily, please pray for her full recovery and no more infections from the diabetes. Thank you so much for reading her story. Bless you! Carolyn(cousin)


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