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Recently diagnosed with emphysema and lung cancer. We are struggling already with utilities and no car to be able to get to my treatments. Because of where we currently reside my appointments are currently all 1 to 2 hours away by car, longer or not possible by bus.

I’m ready to fight, become a cancer warrior and my other half is ready to fight next to me. The extra stress is bearing down on us and we are now without power and water for the time being. Regardless of everything around us, cancer doesn’t wait, and so this part of our journey begins.

Currently having to stay with family due to no power at home which is creating a burden on them as my mom is fighting her own cancer. My fiance is still staying at home trying to take care of things, putting us in 2 different homes temporarily when I need him the most.

Currently our most urgent need is power and a vehicle so that I can use nebulizer and oxygen plus make it to all treatments.

Have watched my mom’s struggles and, while it affects everyone differently, I’m going into this with a strong heart and mind. Refuse to go down without a fight. Refuse to deteriorate and allow cancer to win, we have memories to still make and places to visit. Plus, with 3 girls, we want them to see you can beat anything thrown in your path, you just have to want to. While we sometimes lose it will definitely not be because of lack of fight or want to win, there are just some things we can’t control.


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