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As a 71-year-old man, I am faced with the difficult reality that my resources have dwindled. With no steady income and no access to reliable funds, I find myself fighting an uphill battle each day to make ends meet and provide for myself. Despite all my efforts, I continue to feel like I am slipping further and further into a financial abyss of despair; there seems to be no escape from this pit of desperation. Without the financial assistance of another, it’s hard to imagine how I might ever recover from the depths in which I now find myself so perilously situated. I am a diabetes and have stage 4 kidney failure – two debilitating conditions that have taken control of my life. The diagnosis feels like a death sentence, as every day I face restrictions on what I can and cannot do, what foods I can eat, how much I need to monitor my blood sugar to stay alive. Every moment is filled with anxiety as I dread the seemingly inevitable reality that this illness will take my life before it should be gone. Desperately wanting more time with loved ones but increasingly limited in energy, this heavy burden has consumed me; it dictates my days somehow managing to make the simple tasks seem straining and daunting. The diseases may define who I am now, but they will not be the story of my future. As a diabetic and stage 4 kidney failure patient, I know that stem cell therapy is my only hope to prolong my life. It offers me hope where there was none before and is the only chance for me to continue living in this wonderful world, we call home. With so much at stake for me and for my loved ones, the knowledge that I have found this potential miracle of modern science is nothing short of a blessing. While I’m sure there will be challenges ahead as I undergo treatment, they pale to the dread of knowing that without it, my days are numbered. So here I stand – fragile, scared yet determined – on the brink of something miraculous; with faith in an uncertain future and a belief that stem cell therapy will offer me more time with those who matter most. The desperate search for a cure to my debilitating illness has led me to Panama – the only place with access to the type of stem cell therapy I so desperately need. But it\’s not easy getting here: every step is an uphill climb, and navigating a foreign country is no small feat. I\’m exhausted from lack of sleep, short on money, and constantly aware of the huge undertaking that lies ahead. Still, nothing can dissuade me – I will do whatever it takes to save my life, even if it means traveling thousands of miles in pursuit of a cure. After all, what\’s one more hardship when you\’re fighting for your life?


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