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My name is Carol Welch.  For the first time in my 76 years of life, I’ve had to ask for help.  It’s a “pride” thing, you know. 

After being cancer free for 3 years my cancer has come back Stage 4.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts, Stage 2, in 2020.  Two days before my scheduled mastectomy the federal government closed all hospitals because of Covid.  After waiting 5 months to receive my life-saving surgery the cancer in my breast moved on to my lymph nodes.  After chemo and radiation, I was home-free.  That was not to be.  The cancer has now spread to my right lung, more lymph nodes, and my bones. I’m back on chemo and it’s really taking a toll on me.  This is also my third bout with cancer.  My oncologist told me there was no cure.  With chemo and the drug, Verzenio, I hope to survive the projected 47 months. The Verzenio alone costs $16,000 a month. Thankfully my insurance pays for this. 

I live on a very fixed income.  I now have hospital and doctor bills I can’t pay.  I’m trying to work with everyone.  This is almost impossible, and I have nowhere to go but to ask for help with my financial situation.  My family has helped what they could, but this is a big burden for everyone.  

My goal is $4,000 to pay my debt and get the bill collectors off my back.  Any help I can get will be a blessing.  I appreciate your time and consideration. 


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