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Donors and Friends,

Of course, I feel like all of my donors are my friends now! This is the third update here. For those new to this page I have a rare blood cancer (NHL) and in June 2023 I was diagnosed with Amyloidosis, a wicked disease, and given 9-12 months. 

Since traditional medicine had little to offer for these two co-morbidities, Mitch “Taco” Bell created this campaign six months ago so that I could try alternative therapies. 

Thanks to all of you and your donations, I was able to receive three very expensive stem cell treatments, multiple ozone blood treatments (2-pass, 10-pass and EBOO), ozone insufflations and injections, several Myers & Glutathione infusions, hyperbaric chamber sessions, IR therapy, ELDOA, all sorts of supplements, plus treatments by renown Osteopathic Doctors and Immunologists.

None of that was covered by insurance, but because of those treatments, plus the power of thoughts and prayers of yours and many other well-wishers in my life, my prognosis is now 3-4 years. (Based on recent heart biopsy, PET scan, blood & neurological tests.)

In the meantime, Amyloidosis is relentlessly infiltrating my heart tissue and other organs, plus the nerves in my wrists and legs, with debilitating results. All of the rotator cuff tendons in both of my shoulders have irreparably ruptured so both shoulders need to be replaced very soon. Both biceps tendons and one hamstring tendon have also ruptured due to amyloids. Amyloids infiltrating my nerves have caused peripheral neuropathy in the hands and feet. Last December, I was advised by my neurologist to get a cane and a walker and prepare for the inevitable. I also have four cardiologists (separate specialties) from Virginia Heart all treating my various heart problems that the amyloids have caused.

Scientists are now working on an antibody that removes amyloids from organ tissues & nerves.  Nothing is on the market yet, but estimates are that it will be available in 3-4 years. Thanks to you all, I should be able to live long enough to receive that life-saving antibody. 

My mission is to be humble, kind and helpful, while trying to make wonderful memories every day. I remain on the lookout for appropriate clinical trials for B-cell cancers and ATTR Amyloidosis and intend to last long enough to get the amyloid antibody.

I would not be able to do any of that without your generous, heartfelt and gratefully received donations. I will forever be in your debt.

If you have any questions about the Top Gun movies, the TOPGUN school itself, fighter planes or my medical situation, please feel free to DM me and get a quick response. I don’t know how else to repay you. I will be asking for your mailing address, so I can at least send you a color postcard of one of my aviation pics.

Thanks again to all of you for putting me in a position to have options with these two incurable, progressive diseases. Your donations have given me the precious gift of hope.

You are wonderful friends and I will be forever grateful,

Love you all!

P.S. There is a character limited response available here that I’ve been using on this site but I have no evidence that any of you have ever received them. Rest assured I have personally responded to each and every donor, including all of the anonymous donors.


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