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My wife had an operation to alleviate pain in three sciatic nerves in her back four months ago.  Since the situation worsened and became unbearable, her HSS specialist said she needs to have a fusion operation on her spine.  She also suffers from Multiple sclerosis which requires neurological care and a lot of medications and vitamins.   My oldest daughter suffers from Epilepsy and ADHD.   Another daughter was hurt in a hit-and-run accident.  She hurt her head and spine as well as internal injuries. She has frequent procedures done and needs therapies. she also needs a lot of medications.   Every operation cost about $70,000.  There are also big expenses for medications and treatments, as well as large, accumulated debt. Currently, we struggle with basic living expenditures.    I have an accounting degree and a Master’s of Business Administration.  I was working as an office manager in a large jewelry company, then I worked as an Assistant Director of a home care agency managing eight hundred workers and being a liaison to management for fifteen years, also preparing for financial audits, and representing the company in meeting with HRA, and other officials. I am currently working as an accountant and real estate venue supervisor.  I am working long hours and earn less than $800 a week, which does not cover the basic expenditures.  I am a hard-working person and never asked for help. However, the huge medical expenses coupled with the growing accumulated expenses tipped the scale.  I ask you to please help us in that difficult situation.


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